How to Win on Mega Fortune Dreams

NetEnt’s Mega Fortune slot is one of their most popular progressive slot games. It is so popular that in 2014 they released a sequel called Mega Fortune Dreams.

In this article, we will discuss the Mega Fortune Dreams online slot, give in-depth details, discuss what differentiates it from Mega Fortune, and give our tips and strategy to get the most out of this progressive slot game.

Mega Fortune Dreams Basic Info

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Highest Guaranteed Win (Not Jackpot)

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21,000x Stake




What are the differences between Mega Fortune vs Mega Fortune Dreams?

There are a few differences between the two games and here is a breakdown of each specific change:

  • Mega Fortune Dreams has 20 paylines. Mega Fortune has 25 paylines.
  • The Mega Fortune Dreams paylines are all fixed. Mega Fortune allows you to choose the active paylines from 1 to 25.
  • The Mega Fortune Dreams jackpot triggers randomly and bet size does not matter. On Mega Fortune, you can win the Mega Jackpot only when you wager the maximum number of coins.
  • In Mega Fortune Dreams both the Mega Jackpot and the Major Jackpot are network jackpots. In Mega Fortune only the Mega Jackpot was a network jackpot.

All About Mega Fortune Dreams

Mega Fortune Dreams is a 5 reel, 3 rows slot with 20 paylines. The bet levels range from 0.20c to $80 per spin. The slot has an Autoplay function, with up to 1,000 autospins. Please note that this feature is not available in every location. The game has an average RTP of 96.4%. 7.5% of this goes towards the jackpots.

Mega Fortune Dreams has the same luxury theme as its predecessor however it is taken up a notch. The setting for the game is a superyacht and the symbols are cocktails, bottles of champagne on ice, a gemstone purse, a gold-plated watch and a diamond ring. The diamond ring is the most valuable symbol with 5 in a row giving you 2x, 10x or 100x your total stake.

Mega Fortune Dreams has 3 bonus games. There is a respins feature where all wilds lock into position. The Free Spins feature allows you to win up to 20 free spins and multipliers on wins. The Bonus Game feature is where the magic happens and players can win one of the three jackpots.

The free spins mode is similar to Mega Fortune’s. You trigger the free spin mode with 3, 4 or 5 white diamonds. The amount of free spins differs depending on how many diamonds you land. Here is a breakdown:

Number of Diamonds

3 diamonds

4 diamonds

5 diamonds

Free Spins

10 Free Spins

15 free spins

20 free spins

The free spins also start with a 3x multiplier which is an improvement on Mega Fortune’s 2x multiplier. Additional free spins are awarded every time a scatter or a multiplier appears on your screen. The multiplier can reach a maximum of 10x during free spins. There is no limit to the number of free spins you can play with.

However, like with Mega Fortune, the main feature in Mega Fortune Dreams is the Bonus Game with the Bonus wheel. Once the Bonus game activates the Bonus Wheel will pop up with the three glitzy concentric wheels all surrounding the large Mega Jackpot Ruby in the centre. The concentric wheels are full of different prizes and arrows leading to the next inner wheel.

The grey outer wheel has cash prizes that range from 20 to 60 coins. Once you get the arrow you move on to the bright blue wheel that has higher prizes worth anywhere from 60 coins to 140 coins. There is also the Rapid Jackpot symbol and more arrows. The arrows move you along to the inner Golden wheel which has prizes ranging between 500 to 1,500 coins and the Major Jackpot symbol. Finally, the diamond-encrusted arrow leads you to the jewel of the Mega Jackpot.

Here is a breakdown of each jackpot and the expected average jackpot size:

Jackpot Type

Rapid Jackpot

Major Jackpot

Mega Jackpot

Estimated Jackpot

This is a local jackpot paid out by the online casino. It has an expected jackpot value of $800.

This is a network progressive jackpot paid out by NetEnt. It has an expected value of $75,000.

This is a network progressive jackpot paid out by NetEnt. It has an expected value of $3,750,000.

Based on what we know about the game here are some tips and strategies that you can use to improve your enjoyment of the slot game and increase your chances of triggering the bonus game.

How to play Mega Fortune Dreams

Try the game in free-to-play mode to get a feel for it and what it has to offer.

Changing the bet amount does not alter your chances of triggering the bonus rounds. This triggers randomly, so you just need to be as patient as possible. However, your chance to win the Mega Jackpot increases based on your bet level.

Even though the progressive jackpot is the big prize there are still plenty of free spins, multipliers, and other features you can win while you are spinning. Make the most of these rewards to increase your game time.

The max possible win on a free spin is 21,000x your total stake. This is huge for a progressive slot, so can lead to some big wins even outside the jackpots.

A progressive jackpot can be won at any time. Even if it was won several hours ago, it may win again. Or it could take months—perhaps even years—for another one to drop. Because it is random, don’t let a recent jackpot win put you off.

One of the most significant aspects is the bet size. You may wager any amount per line and still win the jackpot, whether it’s $0.01 per line or the max bet per line. The jackpot might be paid out either way. However, there is a well-known fact that the higher your wager, the more likely you are to win the jackpot. It is only a minuscule difference, of only a few tenths of a percentage, and is not required. But it does exist, and it’s worth noting when creating a winning progressive jackpot strategy.

The concept of a “bankroll” may be difficult to grasp for people who are unfamiliar with gambling. It’s impossible to predict when someone will hit the jackpot, but you can expect it at some point in time. Furthermore, good cash management is essential. The chances of winning any progressive jackpot are millions-to-one. Never spend more than you can afford, we always suggest setting betting limits before you play. You should also never expect that you are ‘due a win’. Slots are completely random and just do not work that way. Never bet more than you have and play responsibly.

Mega Fortune Dreams: Tips and Strategy

There is no surefire method for winning at NetEnt’s Mega Fortune Dreams, but these tips will help you improve your chances.

As with other progressive jackpot slots, the main goal is to increase your playing time so you can trigger the Bonus Game rounds. The more wagers you make while playing Mega Fortune Dreams, the greater your chances of triggering the free spins bonus round. So, the main goal has to be making the most of your set bankroll.

1. Use Bonuses when you can

Many online casinos prohibit you from spending the welcome bonus money on progressive jackpots. However, it is a good idea to review the terms and conditions of any welcome bonuses you’re considering to see which games are excluded. If the casino site does not exclude Mega Fortune Dreams from any bonus funds then we suggest playing using bonus money.

2. Enjoy the Game

As we mentioned above, the biggest payout from the game, outside the jackpot amounts, is potentially equal to 21,000x your stake. This is possible during the Free Spin game. This is a very good payout compared to other slot games, so it is possible to have some good wins even though you do not get a jackpot prize.

3. Max Bet is NOT required

As with other progressive jackpot games, there is no need to bet the maximum wager amount. The Bonus Wheel game feature triggers randomly so it does not matter how much you bet on each spin. There is evidence that betting on the highest bet levels slightly increases your chances of landing one of the jackpots, but this is such a small percentage increase that we cannot really recommend it as a tip. Our suggestion is always to bet at the lowest bet level you are comfortable with and to try and stretch out your game time.

4. Manage your bankroll

We know this sounds like a broken drum, but since the Bonus Wheel triggers randomly there is really no point in blowing your bankroll on a couple of spins thinking that you are going to defy the odds and win big. Slots are random and don’t factor in human thoughts so it is best to bet at a level you are comfortable with and that makes your bankroll last as long as possible. When it comes to progressive jackpot games it is the quantity that is key, not quality.


We must always include the caveat that there is no 100% no-lose method on how to win on Mega Fortune Dreams. The best we can do is provide you with information about the progressive jackpot slot and how it works so that you can play in a way that increases your chances of winning. The underlying mechanics of Mega Fortune Dreams is very similar to its predecessor Mega Fortune so the tips and strategy are also very similar. The key is to stretch out your bankroll for as long as possible to trigger the bonus game as many times as possible. Once that happens you have a chance to win one of the jackpots. Always play responsibly!

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Mega Fortune Dreams FAQs

Here are the most common questions we get asked about the Mega Fortune Dreams progressive jackpot slot game.